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World Liqueur Awards 2020


World's Best Honey Liqueur

World's Best Honey Liqueur
Best Irish Honey
The Whistler
Small Batch Irish Whiskey and Honey Liqueur

Republic of Ireland

"Vanilla accompanies honey on the nose, and develops into further sweetness on the tongue with notes of sweet toffee and caramel. The honey is thick and creamy, and accompanied by a pepperiness. "


Best French Honey
Best French HoneyAudemus Spirits
Covert Liqueur
"Honey hides slightly behind hay and chamomile in the nose, but all three flavours are present on the palate. Notes of grain whisky make for a warming finish, alongside vanilla and ginger. "


Best Luxembourg Honey
Best Luxembourg HoneyDe Beiefritz
Honey Schnaps
"Expect citrus aroma, with floral honey to taste. The honey is complemented by spice and makes for a complicated, unusual flavour profile, and an tangy, bitter finish. "