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About the awards

Entries are now open

Drawing on the expertise of international judges, the awards ensures that each product is judged both rigorously and fairly to give it its best chance in the competition.

Why awards are now more important than ever

Advertising is more important than ever, and a win at the World Liqueur Awards equals direct advertising opportunities

Winning at the World Liqueur Awards helps consumers make their purchasing decisions. It can be hard to pick from the hundreds of products lining the shelves, but as an award winner, you will stand out

You will receive logos and certificates free of charge, to use as you wish to promote your win and your product

Your win will help local and international distributors to make their decisions – this is your chance to put your drinks on the map

Every winner is listed with their own profile and direct link to their website on which sees thousands of visitors each month

Updates to Brexit – please see Shipping

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What are the World Liqueur Awards?
These are the global awards selecting the very best internationally recognised liqueur styles. This annual tasting selects, awards and promotes the 'World's Best’ to consumers and the trade throughout the world. All drinks must be generally available and for sale.

Who should enter the World Liqueur Awards?
Producers, agents, importers, wholesalers and retailers of any liqueur anywhere in the world.

How to enter

If you’re a returning entrant, simply login here with your previously used details.

If this is your first time entering the World Liqueur Awards, you will need to register here for your company and product details.

Every entrant receives:

  • A personalised World Liqueur Awards tasting note

Winners receive:

  • Extensive coverage on with their own personal profile
  • High-resolution winning logos
  • International, regional and national coverage targeting drinks consumers and trade buyers
  • Point-of-sale materials including stickers and collarets with your award in corporate collars
  • All country, style and world winners are featured in the annual World’s Best Spirits publication

Medals, Certificates and Trophies:

  • Medal, certificate and logo pack
  • Country certificate and logo pack
  • World Style certificate and logo pack

Taste categories

This includes Pastis, Sambuca, Ouzo, Arak, Raki, Mastika and Absinthe

Orange Bitters



Fruit & Flower

Wood Aged



Liqueurs that are primarily chocolate based. This excludes cream variants. These should be entered under cream.
Coffee based liqueurs excluding cream variants. These should be entered under cream liqueurs.
This can be any spirit which includes cream.
Any spirit which includes dairy such as Advocaat or egg such as Eierlikoer
All fruit liqueurs, excluding cream based variants as well as those with a distinct base spirit such as gin, rum, vodka or whisky.
The base spirit must be clearly indicated. This excludes cream variants. These should be entered under Cream Liqueurs.
All herbal variants except those that are cream based. This excludes mint and menthol.
All honey liqueurs except those that are cream based.
All specific mint/methol liqueurs except those that are cream based.
All nut based liqueurs except those that are cream based.
All liqueurs that have a specific patisserie/bakery flavour profile. This can include such flavour options as 'Christmas Liqueur'. All cream variants should be entered under Cream Liqueurs .
The base spirit must be clearly indicated. This excludes cream variants. These should be entered under Cream Liqueurs.
All spice based liqueurs except those that are cream based.
The base spirit must be clearly indicated. This excludes cream variants. These should be entered under Cream Liqueurs.
The base spirit must be clearly indicated. This excludes cream variants. These should be entered under Cream Liqueurs.
The base whisky must be recognisable as the base of the liqueur. Cream variants should be entered under Cream Liqueurs.

Design categories

Bottle Design
The overall design of the glass or PET bottle: shape, colour, functionality and any embossing, decorative finishes, coatings or direct printed elements as well as visual appeal.
Label design
This includes all aspects of on-bottle brand/product communication, including the application of any direct printing onto bottle, capsule or closure, as well as paper and film labels and sleeves. The pack will be judged on the overall design and quality of materials, print, decoration and application.
Limited edition
This category applies to pack designs where the number produced was limited, such as for a special production, occasion or season.
New launch
Packaging for a new product launched after February 1, 2019.
This applies to the secondary, outer, presentation packaging, such as cartons, boxes, cases, plinths, chests etc. The presentation will be judged on the overall effect with the bottle in place.
Range design
This is a packaging design that carries through and unites a range or ‘family’ of different products from one producer or brand.
Redesign / relaunch
This category refers to a new or refreshed packaging design created for an existing product and introduced to the market after February 1, 2019. A picture or sample of the previous packaging must be supplied along with a description of what changes have been made and why
Travel retail exclusive
Packaging created specifically for sale in the duty-free / travel retail market

The judging process


The taste judging is held in two rounds.

Round 1
Each liqueur is tasted in its relevant style to identify and select the winner in each country and category. Judges making up the World Liqueur Awards panel include international, leading journalists, specialist drinks retailers and industry experts.

Round 2
The country winners are then tasted against each other to find the World's Best Liqueur in each category.

All DESIGN judging is conducted by a panel of leading international design experts.

For each entry, the following quantities should be supplied
  • Taste only – 3 bottles
  • Design only – 2 bottles
  • Taste and Design – 3 bottles


Brexit and shipping from Europe

Customs Declarations will be required from 1 January 2021 for shipments between Great Britain and the European Union (and vice-versa). Although the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement refers to 'zero tariffs' (zero customs duties), this doesn't replace the need to generate a Customs Declaration and so a Commercial or Pro-forma Invoice is required. The trade deal only applies to Customs duties, meaning that in most cases Customs duties will not be applied to goods fulfilling all necessary "rules of origin" requirements. However, VAT will still be levied. Customs declarations are therefore required for goods to clear the border, as the UK will have left the single market and the customs union. Country-specific restrictions will still be in place and any associated licences will also be required.

If you have any queries regarding the shipment of your samples, please get in touch via email with subject line ‘World Drinks Awards shipping query’

Shipping Deadline (Product needs to be received by): 28 February

Our delivery facility is open for entries. All samples should be delivered to Norwich, UK.

  • Ensure your products are packed securely.
  • Print the packaging slip from your online profile for each product
  • Complete the Quantity and ML specification
  • Attached the pack slip to the outside of the box if possible, if not please include in the box
  • If you have multiple entries per box, please attached all pack slips to the outside of the box

    The pack slip is not a customs document.

    If you have also entered your products into design, no additional product needs to be provided.

    Quantities required
    3 bottles of each product entered should be supplied with a minimum volume of 500ml
    (For premix – please use beer specifications)

    If you have only entered design, 2 bottles of each should be provided.

    We are delighted to introduce our new shipping system which. You can then ship your entries straight through our own booking system in conjunction with DHL. For a set shipping fee, we get your shipment booked in and arrange for pick up. This fee will then cover any duties as well.

    When you are shipping your entries yourself, please ensure that all customs, clearance and any associated costs have been paid. If these are not paid, World Beer Awards can either not accept the entries or will have to invoice any costs occurred, including a £25.00 administration fee. All duty invoices will come directly from our accounts team.


    Entry fees

    Note: price is for each entry
     1 entry2 entries3 entries4+ entries
    Taste & Design£260 + VAT£245 + VAT£235 + VAT£220 + VAT
    Design£184 + VAT£174 + VAT£164 + VAT£159 + VAT
    Taste or Design£184 + VAT£174 + VAT£164 + VAT£159 + VAT
    Taste & Design€325€315€305€295
    Taste or Design€215€210€205€200
    Taste & Design$430$415$400$385
    Taste or Design$290$280$270$260
    Canadian Dollar
    Taste & Design$490$475$460$445
    Taste or Design$335$325$315$305

    Terms & conditions

  • Products must be sent by prepaid post and be received by the Shipping Date listed.
  • Entries are only accepted on a completed online entry form with the appropriate entry fee.
  • If an entry is withdrawn by the Due Date (or disqualified), the entry fee will be returned subject to an administration charge of 50% of the entry fee. Products will be made available for collection at the entrant’s expense or retained by the Organiser if not collected within eight weeks of the Due Date. Due Date is the entry deadline.
  • If an entry is withdrawn after the Due Date, no refunds will be given. This includes entries for which product has not been received.
  • Payment in full is required before judging commences.
  • Substitutions of entries is possible, but needs to be communicated to the World Drinks Awards prior to the Due Date.
  • If you are shipping your entries yourself, please ensure that all customs, clearance and any associated costs have been paid in advance. If these costs are not paid, the World Drinks Awards will invoice any costs occurred, including a £25.00 administration fee. If these costs remain unpaid, the World Drinks Awards are unable to accept the entries.
  • The judges’ decision on all matters is final.
  • The Organisers may, at their discretion, refuse to accept an entry.
  • The Organisers may alter the closing date for the awards, place an entry in the most appropriate style, rule that an entry may not compete or is ineligible to compete, or alter the date, time or place on or at which the awards are scheduled to take place.
  • The Chair of Judges has the power to disqualify any entry not deemed as meeting the entry criteria.
  • These rules are governed by the laws of the UK.
  • Please note: bottles are unable to be returned. Our policy on unreturned bottles is as follows:
    o Opened bottles may be poured at trade and consumer events to promote the individual brand, or included in a charity bottling, the proceeds of which are distributed to charity.
    o Closed bottles may be distributed to individual charities on a case by basis, or presented for auction, all proceeds of which are distributed to charity.